Why you should Sweep your chimney this summer?

Surely I get my chimney sweep in for the autumn so you can start your fires then? We can understand your thinking...its more than just getting your chores done early. Getting your chimney cctv inspection and chimney cleaned is also about enjoying the summer...Why? How?? Well after the winter months of burning wood or loading up the fireplace with coal, the residue up the chimney in these very warm months we have been having will begin to smell. Also if you have had birds nesting (and they will be gone from your chimney now) if there is a birds nest in your chimney it may very well start to stink in this hot summer. So having your chimney inspected and chimney swept is not only good housekeeping and being ahead for the coming season but it will help to keep your property smell better!

At £60 for a infrared cctv inspection, full sweep and insurance approved certificate with The Happy Chimney Company you can book your Sweep now and be sure to avoid the busy time towards the winter where most chimney sweeps are fully booked up. You all have busy lives and we have all left getting the chimney sweep in until the last moment the day before you want a lovely winter fire - so avoid the smell in the summer months from your chimney, get a time and day your want and book for your chimney to be "pampered" today.

Call The Happy Chimney Company today 07851122555 and book your for us to visit you. We cover East Sussex and (if you ask nicely) a bit of west Kent.

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